blueberry picking season closed BUT…we have frozen blueberries all year round

Blueberry picking season has come and gone for 2023.  It was awesome and we are already looking forward to 2024. We are currently in the “off season” hours which means hours will vary daily. Call first to let us know how we can help you. 918-519-2148 | 918-519-9235 | 918-519-7396

We Got the Buckets, Come Get the Blueberries

With 12 varieties to choose from, you pick the sweetness for your taste buds!  You will most likely find one you like best here at Outback Farm. We love them all!

Sold by the gallon – it’s easier, no fuss, no muss, no scale, no coin change. It has worked well for us from day one and our customers like it too.

Early Season 



Mid Season 







Late Season 


-Pink  Lemonade