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Blueberries are one of the most common of berries and that is mainly due to the ease with which they are grown. Blueberries are known to have compounds that improve decision making power, comprehension and also improve memory and reasoning abilities. Blueberries are one of the best plants to grow and berries to eat for your brain.

Different blueberry varieties offer something to everyone. Do you have a favorite? or do they all taste great?

Variety: Duke, early season

first blueberry of the season at Outback Farm; generous crop just keeps on giving more blueberries; generally considered one of the best early season cultivars; large berry with good flavor; awesome chilled

Variety: Rebel, early season

offers a large berry with a mild flavor, bush has a spread to it which makes for easy picking; this fruit follows shortly after the Dukes are ready

Variety: Bluejay, early to mid season

definitely the chefs pick; high quality fruit, slightly tart, great for cooking and baking and creative connoisseur-ing

Variety: Bluecrop, mid season

most widely planted mid season cultivar in the world, a medium berry with the perfect hint of tart; tasty snacking, great in smoothies too

Variety: Legacy, mid season
noteworthy for being sweet and aromatic; this berry tends to be generous both in size and flavor; a real people pleaser

Variety: Ruebel, mid season

a true wild old fashioned blueberry small to medium in size and robust flavor; not a lot of these in our plantings but when you find you will not be disappointed

Variety: Toro, mid season

tight clusters of berries make this a bit more challenging to pick but definitely worth the effort; this blueberry is on the large side and has good flavor and is juicy too

Variety: Bluegold, mid season

a low growing and very hardy variety of blueberry; fruit is medium size with good flavor and firmness; this might be a family favorite

Variety: Titan, late season

some are saying this new variety is the giant of the blueberry patch; may be a challenge of size with the chandler; nice sweet flavor

Variety: Vernon, late season

large blueberry, firm, mild flavor; makes a good sampler in the field when you are picking your blueberries to take home

Variety: Elliott, very late season

this one is the grand finale' and worth every bit of the wait; this can be a tart berry because it has a tendency to turn blue before it is actually ripe; long shelf life; great in the cooks kitchen

Variety: Pink Lemonade, late season

here you go, the first ever pink blueberry; just as tasty and nutrient rich as their blue cousins; will develop into deep pink fruit toward seasons end; medium size fruit with sweet, pleasant flavor, high sugar content

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