Coming to​ the Close

That's right, all good things come to a close but won't it be grand when the season comes around again in 2021. Thanks to one and all for coming out to the farm and sharing the blueberry experience.

Pickin' time at the farm

Blueberries, blueberries, blueberries....the time has arrived. The 2020 blueberry picking season will officially open on Saturday, May 30, 2020. Gates open at 6:00 am and close at 6:00 pm, 7 days a week. We sell blueberries by the gallon, upick $24 per gallon and already picked (pre-picked) $30 per gallon. 

Asparagus---finished for the 2020 season

Thank you one and all asparagus lovers. Friday was our last cutting day for this year and we are now focused on Blueberries.

Here at Outback Farm we cut asparagus daily when circumstances permit. The circumstances are:

There has been sufficient sunshine and warmth to promote growth.

Cloudy, cool, rainy days slow the asparagus growth down and does not give us much of a yield.

Typically, you can check in with us by 10:00 am to see what we have available for the day. Please note, the asparagus is sold first come first serve. A bundle, about 1# is $5

Blueberry perfection.............

If you can believe it with the close of this years blueberry picking season we turn around and start getting ready for the next one. You gardeners know what I'm talking about. All in the name of great blueberries. A healthy food choice for you.

Here at Outback Farm, as the seasons ebb and flow with Mother Nature’s cycles we never find a lack of things to do. Early on, even before the blueberries are ready, we start cutting asparagus. It is available every day, usually by noon on a first come first serve basis. Our fields are small but generous with awesome asparagus, be sure to treat yourself. And remember, asparagus happens before blueberry season so you might leave yourself a reminder to check in at Outback Farm around April to see how the asparagus is doing.

From asparagus we move to our busiest time, the picking season, when there is the hustle bustle going on with those long hours you all love…picking blueberries, chilling blueberries and freezing blueberries. Then we move on to pruning time when the blueberry plants are dormant and ready to be trimmed up for the next seasons set. And of course there are always mowing, weeding, and general upkeep projects going on too.

When we have the chance we like to do some brainstorming to see what sounds good, fun, interesting or exciting to try next. Keep a look out for what that might be.We are always trying to make your experience at Outback Farm better, better and better!

At Outback Farm you get to make some choices. U-pick blueberries are $24 per gallon and pre-picked blueberries are $30 per gallon. We provide the pails for you to pick and a bag to take them home. What could be easier? We also have some other nifty products you may enjoy so be sure to have a look when you visit the farm.

There are "happenings" in the wind, everything is in place, our "to do" list is a mile long, question is, is there enough time in the day? Stay in touch via website, Facebook, email, phone or text to observe our progress. And yes, it certainly is Farm Sweet Farm here at Outback Farm.

Treat yourself

Raw Honey

honey must surely be one of natures most amazing gifts

Cutting Boards

each one unique

Outback Farm Chandler Blueberry

yes ma'am, this blueberry really is larger than the quarter

The Blueberry Cycle

blueberries-from the bush to the bucket to the cooler and home

Blueberries Homeward Bound

blueberries travel any way you want