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Current blueberry update: Friday 7/15/22


All good things must come to an end and that is where we're at with the blueberry picking for this season. Sad to say there are still berries on the bushes but with the anticipated forecast of  heat exceeding 100 degrees next week we see the writing on the wall. Outback Farm is grateful for the new friends we've made this year, seem like we've had lots of first time visitors. And of course there are those of you, our faithfuls, who just keep coming back. We do appreciate all of you and value that you choose to do business with Outback Farm. Adios amigos! It's a cycle so we will see you again next year.

Current blueberry update: Wednesday, 6/29/22

CHANDLER BLUEBERRIES AVAILABLE NOW......seems like it's been a forever wait but the Chandlers are finally ready for picking at Outback Farm in Pryor, OK. You know the Chandlers, the big ones, some the size of a quarter. Our weather this year really made an impact on the ripening process, but no worries, today it's a go. Come out to the farm and pick your Chandlers.  Lot's and lots of blueberries, all varieties  ready to pick at Outback Farm, bushes are loaded. And yes, we will be open on the 4th of July.

Current Blueberry Update: Saturday, 6/25/22

Most varieties here at Outback Farm are available for picking NOW. This includes Duke, Legacy, Blue  Crop, Blue Gold, Blue Jay, Toro.  The bushes are loaded and the picking is easy. Chandlers are still needing a little more time but will be ready soon.

Hot weather is bringing out the early birds to fill up on their favorites and even try some of the other available varieties. We have everything you need to pick your blueberries,  just visit the farm.  Pre-picked blueberries are currently available at $32 per gallon  and the u-picks are $25 per gallon. See you soon!

 Open: 7am to 6pm Monday through Saturday and 8am to 4pm Sunday

Current  Blueberry Update:  Wednesday, 6/15/22

Dukes are the blueberry to be picking now at Outback Farm, they are abundant.  Starting to see more and more Legacies lately and safe to say you can pick those as well. The Legacy variety has just begun.  CHANDLERS ARE NOT READY.

open: 7am to 6pm Monday through Saturday and 8am to 4pm Sunday

We Got the Buckets, Come Get the Blueberries

Blueberry picking season for 2022 starts Saturday, 6/4/22. Gates will be open at 7:00AM. Dukes are ready to pick and the other varieties will follow shortly. Please review the FAQ page, think it will answer most of your questions and the read is just a few minutes. If you still have a question give us a call or text one of the numbers. We do our best to respond promptly.​

2022 Blueberry Plants Available

April 2022 - This year we have Duke, Legacy and Pink Lemonade plants available for those of you who want to plant a blueberry bush or two.

These plants are tissue cultured and virus indexed. The Duke and Legacy are one gallon pots and the Pink Lemonade is in a tad smaller container. The plants are approximately two years old ​and the cost for each plant is $15. Please note we are not taking credit cards at this time so bring cash or check to purchase.

Remember, you need to call before you head to farm. We would hate to miss you so give us a heads up at 918-519-2148 or  918-519-9235 or 918-519-7396

Asparagus is super close...will post when we have some cut and ready to purchase at $6 per bundle.

2021 Blueberry Season is here, has come and gone!

July 17 got here too soon, but that was our final picking day for the 2021 blueberry season. But, guess what? we will do it all over again around the same time next year.  Seems like we waited forever through all the rain and lack of sunshine and when the blueberries finally ripened enough for picking it was already, June 5th, the first day of the 2021 blueberry picking season. Gate open at 7am and close at 6pm Monday thru Saturday and 8am to 4pm on Sundays. We are open seven days a week during blueberry season. If you missed the fresh u-pick or pre-picked blueberries, now is the time to visit the farm for frozen blueberries.

We will continue to post from time to time on Facebook and Instagram to stay in touch and let you know if anything is going on. 

blueberries and more......

pick your own blueberries


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herbal soaps

PLANTLIFE SOAPS                                                                                                                                                                                                                           $5.00 ea

Th​e Ou​tback Farm family is pleased to bring you an array of blueberry products plus some other goodies we've found over time we think you will enjoy.

You can bring aromatherapy into your life with proudly, made in the USA pro​ducts. Crafted by Plantlife with essential oils, no chemicals and nothing synthetic, these rich, thick, luxurious soaps are gentle and moisturizing for face and body. With Plantlifes founding mission statement of...For People and Planet, you know you've found a good thing.

Unlike the fresh blueberries and asparagus we grow here on the farm,  and  ONLY AVAILABLE SEASONALLY, things like the blueberry maple syrup, raw honey, jams and preserves, and soaps  are available year around. Don't forget our homemade Blueberry Wine, which we make in small batches and try to have available most of the time.

Take a minute to peruse through the website and familiarize yourself with the Outback Farm & Supply family of products, supplies and services. Look forward to visiting with you soon.

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